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Re: lightball updtae

Subject: Re: lightball updtae
by liontamer on 2005/8/25 18:53:13

ust had a quick look, and found when making a 'panel light' that it would sometimes save a corrupt file, and come up with the same 'bad chunk size' error when loading into imagine that it used to a long time ago. Not sure if it does this again when saving files made with the lightgen thing, but it looks like a bug that needs fixing urgently.

hmm,can't get this bug to repeat..does it happen when you save a panel straight from the bitmap. or when you save and then reload settings and the create the panel.

Also, just wondering why using the 'mask' option doesn't actually delete those light in the same way as the dome option?

It does. e.g consider this bitmap.
Its 100*100 pixels consisting of a white background with a red,green and blue stripe 4 pixels wide down the middle.if you were to save a lightpanel from this the there would be 10000(100*100) lights in the object(same would apply to blobs) which is too much and we only want the rgb stripe anyway.So click on the panellight colour swatch,choose white from the dialog then click MaskIt. This will disable lights being created from white pixels. if you want you could now mask out red pixels etc.Save the iob ,load it into Imagine and you should have a panel light made of 4*100 lights.Dont be confused by what is shown in the listbox or 3dview as I have not integrated panels completely as yet.Its 'beta' so these 'features ' canl be fixed later

Not sure what the blob option does yet since when I tried to load the object into imagine, it used up all my RAM (1 gig RAM plus 2 gig virtual memory) and crashed Imagine..... oops

too many blobs maybe.i tried it with the rgbribbon.bmp,white masked out to give 100 blobs and it loaded into imagine ok.
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