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Re: lightball updtae

Subject: Re: lightball updtae
by Lahl on 2005/8/26 8:51:23

do you mean saving the 'settings' in Imagine or Lightball.

No, I meant saving the object, not the settings. I would save the object the first time and it worked no problem, then change setting in the program and resave the new object etc..... after the 2nd or 3rd time it would corrupt the file and would need to start again.

yep,can do that easily enough ,perhaps a magic wand type thing using a threshold setting as well..

Yep, that would be perfect

i want to make the interface bigger.Its too cramped , so whats a good size.I would like to fit 400*400 view window for starters.It depends on what screen size people use.Would 1024*768 be minimum these days?

well, I don't mind a bigger interface, however, my monitor is rather old and needs replacing, and so the higher resolutions I usually use, like 1280x1024 and 1600x1200, don't work properly anymore, so am stuck with 1024x768 on a 20" monitor.

Others might use only 800x600..... I don't know, but just in case, you might want to think about how to make a 1024x768 interface work properly on a 640x480 or 800x600 screen. Nothing worse than not being able to use an application simply because it needs a bigger screen resolution.

Just a thought for those rare exceptions

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