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Imagine 3D for 3D printing
Just popping in
2017/5/5 17:32
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Hello, I will open a new discussion and project on how to best use Imagine 3D as the modeling software for 3D printing.

It should be possible to use models created in Imagine 3D and print them into physical items using the most commonly available inexpensive printers. However, all this is experimental and the results created with Imagine 3D can not be guaranteed - at least not before all required steps and methods have been fully tested.

Here is a simple object that I created in Imagine 3D using Torus as the primitive:

Open in new window


I used some of the simple Imagine Detail Editor tools to modify and design the shape a little bit so that there is a disk with a hole in it and some rim is extruding from the outside of the disk.

What is not known currently

1 How to best save the object file so that it opens effortlessly and in tact in the 3D printing software.
2 How to give the object file the final print dimensions, for example if I wanted the diameter of the printed item to be 55 millimeters.
3 Something else that can not yet be foreseen at this point of development.

The development and testing is open for any input or insight. When the process makes progress, I will update this thread.

Eventually finished products should print correctly. A lot of the related information may have been gathered and learned of the process of creating physical items with 3D printing.

Posted on: 1/6 11:06
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Re: Imagine 3D for 3D printing
Home away from home
2004/4/12 6:19
From Conway, South Carolina, USA
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I have been using Imagine for printed 3D stuff for two years. I have a M3D printer. The software the printer comes with is very robust. What makes Imagine useful is it's polygon manipulation tools. I go from .IOB into Accutrans which outputs either a binary or ascii .STL file. The .STL format has become the standard format for 3D printing it seems. I have found that Imagine's method of handling Grouped objects is very useful for cutting up objects and printing the various parts to make plastic objects much larger than the printer's build space would allow.

Posted on: 1/10 21:13
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Re: Imagine 3D for 3D printing
Just popping in
2017/5/5 17:32
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Hello, thank you very much for the insight and suggestion. I downloaded AccuTrans demo version.

It opened Imagine3D object without trouble as can be seen here: https://postimg.org/image/iku09zyb9/

I then proceeded to save the object in .STL format (ascii) and tried to load it into Cura 12 printer software: https://postimg.org/image/6vq0m1uhx/

So this was the very first attempt without doing anything else than just opening and saving the Imagine3D object file in relevant software and relevant file format.

The open issues would be

1 How to open the object file correctly in printer software.
2 How to give the object accurate dimensions for printing.

I suppose these issues can be solved with a bit of studying and testing software features. There may exist some other generic printer software that can be tested as well.

As I have no physical printer available yet my idea was to produce the finished output file and send it to a printer service and later receive the printed item in the mail.

Posted on: 1/16 13:51
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Re: Imagine 3D for 3D printing
2004/4/3 15:57
From Stockholm, Sweden.
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I actually modified Organica so that it supported STL file export...
I don't remember if I uploaded it here, at the time it was for Mike alone...
I will check my files...
I don't have a printer so it is hard for me to check funtionality :P

Posted on: Today 20:00
Johan Andersson the Impulsive Imagineer
IFW 2.19..................
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