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Posted by webmaster on 2016/10/5 15:39:19 (1907 reads)

Sorry for the downtime.
My ISP decided to move everyone onto a NAT address, and a strange one at that.

After it was noticed and a complaint was made, we are now back up...


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Posted by webmaster on 2015/12/29 19:25:45 (2701 reads)

The mailclient of the webserver seems to have a problem at the moment, a short reboot did not solve it even after som manicking first :)

No real time to look at it before the end of the year and the system seems to be working without it :)

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Posted by webmaster on 2013/11/7 18:00:48 (3972 reads)

System went down this morning due to a power outage.
When the power came back it seems the server booted faster then my provider did, so I did not get an IP.

Now I have one

I will see what I can do to check and test that for future events...



Posted by webmaster on 2012/10/11 13:43:58 (2500 reads)

I have chosen to set the system to moderated account activation, that means that I have to personally verify all account activations.

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Posted by webmaster on 2006/7/26 8:41:31 (2161 reads)


I got hold of Conny Jönsson who drove the old Imagine Competitions, he still has everything archived and we are trying to get those files over to me now.

When I have them I will try to get them up on these webpages in some form or other

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Posted by webmaster on 2005/10/14 8:23:10 (5500 reads)

I have tried to make contact with Mike at Impulse via different email-addresses but so far no response, if anyone is living near Las Vegas it would be cool if you could verify if the company still exists and if so why they wont answer

I will look and see if I can find some fax-number or its like and try that way, if not I fear this software is loosing it totally if not even the makers of it are interested then I dont know what else I can do

Sad News, but News all the same.

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