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Website : ISP thoughts
Posted by webmaster on 2016/10/5 15:39:19 (1866 reads)

Sorry for the downtime.
My ISP decided to move everyone onto a NAT address, and a strange one at that.

After it was noticed and a complaint was made, we are now back up...

Website : ISP Error
Posted by webmaster on 2016/7/8 6:55:23 (2046 reads)

Site was unavailable for an hour or so, this was due to the ISP having some kind of problem (unspecified) which are now fixed.

Website : Fan failure++
Posted by webmaster on 2016/6/18 12:32:05 (1981 reads)

Well, system is temporarily up again, it is currently lying in pieces on my bed, but it is working again...

I will keep it up a few hours while it syncs disks... then bring it down nice and reassemble it

should be up again soon after.

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Website : HW Failure fixed.
Posted by webmaster on 2014/3/15 20:12:55 (4838 reads)

So finally...
I finally go the website up again.
All new...

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Website : DomainPeople
Posted by webmaster on 2013/2/25 13:41:05 (9145 reads)

Well, I don't know it it is good or bad, but I keep having the same trouble with DomainPeople (Canada based).

They seem totally oblivious to the fact that a private person can own an .org address

I am now once again trying to get them to change my email on the registration so that I will be able to get in and change my name server settings before they fail... but the last years they simply cant accept the fact that I am not a company/organisations... I guess I will have to make phony letterheads and documents proving that the organization is me, ofc they wont be phony since it really IS me owning it, but phony in the meaning that I have never needed any documents with letterheads and I have always payed my utility bills myself, not as the organisation... which I have also payed with my own creditcard, though that doesn't seem to matter either...

I hope I will get this fixed before the old nameservers are removed by DynDNS who has them.

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