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Protoplanetary Dust and Gas Disk with Star Birth
Here comes my next picture and download project

In the scene, a protoplanetary gas and dust disk can be seen, in the center of which a star ignites the nuclear chain reaction and is virtually born.

All the objects in this scene are real, volumetric bodies ... even the background is rendered real in the scene with lots of details of an interstellar gas cluster as you zoom in or out on the scene.

By the way * laugh *
A friend of mine, who studied astronomy, said that this picture is almost similar to a Hubble or an E-ELT telescope photo.

I optimized the scene so that it can be calculated in the Scanline Renderer. The computing time per image in a resolution of 1280x720 only takes about 20 seconds! I still recommend that you set the antialias completely to "off", because then more volumetrics are seen more contrasts ... smoothing by antialias is not so good, since volumetrics anyway have no edges that would be smoothed ,

Little tip from me:
If you render my scenes ... and that affects almost everyone! Then go ahead in your "Preference Editor" there you have to go under "Gamma" on 1 and then switch to "Disable".

Then you go to the requester "Clipping" and set the value to 10!

Then you finish Imagine and restart it!

I achieve the best results with the settings and the pictures and colors get more pep and contrast ... and also the volumetrics can be brought to much better effect with glow effects.


All elements of this animation project are full animatable. But I have not animated anything yet, as I have just built this scene. A bit you should also do it yourself;) My projects that upload here are actually only as a suggestion and to better understand Imagine

The project and scenes file for the Stage Editor can be found here:

http://www.imagine3d.org/modules/wfdo ... glefile.php?cid=1&lid=345

Picture information
Album name:My Imagine3D Album
Submitted by:Marabufx  
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File Size:773 KB
Dimensions:1280 x 720 pixels
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Poster Thread
Posted: 2018/1/2 11:46  Updated: 2018/1/2 11:46
Joined: 2004/4/3
From: Stockholm, Sweden.
Posts: 2449
Nice :)
Still have particle illusion installed on my compy :)
Works fine

Poster Thread
Posted: 2018/1/3 18:37  Updated: 2018/1/3 18:37
Not too shy to talk
Joined: 2012/12/16
From: Netherlands
Posts: 22
PI is a powerfull program. I use it on my imac..running it on win8 since i have a Win registration key. BorisFX is now the owner of PI and has provide me with a new Key..So it works fine!.

I render PI AVI and then apply the avi as a brush in Imagine.
Right now I am breaking my brains how to render AVI with alpha channel for transparent BG. PI only output Fullframe uncompressed AVI with Alpha but that wont work when applying this kind of AVI on your objects.. Got find out a way to aply a range of targa images with alpha in imagine but have not find a workflow for that .

Poster Thread
Posted: 2018/1/5 20:43  Updated: 2018/1/5 20:43
Just can't stay away
Joined: 2007/9/2
From: Oz
Posts: 75
I'm not sure I understand exactly what you want to achieve (and maybe I'm way off track!) but maybe Virtualdub can help?


Virtualdub will accept targa image sequence as input, and output avi encoded with whatever codec you have installed on your system (divx, xvid, lagarith, etc)

Sometimes I use Imagine to generate an avi by creating a project, but not rendering images within Imagine. Rather, I use the "skip/use existing file" in the render setup, and then "feed" an image sequence created by another software into imagine, so that imagine creates the avi. I probably am on the wrong track for what you want to do lol!

Poster Thread
Posted: 2018/1/7 20:20  Updated: 2018/1/7 20:20
Not too shy to talk
Joined: 2012/12/16
From: Netherlands
Posts: 22
lol, intresting move though but no, that is not what I am after ;)

what I try to acomplish is using movies (made in whatever programe) with a transparency background that I can brushmap onto an object to be placed in a sequence to render along with other scenery and objects in Imagine. For example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kTJo9tmkbH0 at 0.04 the warp engine effect is done by importing an AVI in Particle Illusion and then added the warp engine particle effect and render the final movie. The console, screens (with Avi s generated in particle were rendered first in Imagine.
I'd like to place an plane in the scene and apply the rendered particle effect on that plane with a transparent bg...I dont think image can cope with that unless you can apply a large sequence of images onto an object without having imagine crashing.. Sure, there are many ways to work out an Idea, multipass rendering and compositing in aftereffects for example but I was looking desperate for a way to do it within one pass rendering in Imagine so I can project all kind of animated footage onto objects withoud having to tweak to much.
Virtualdub is a nice piece of tooling BTW!

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