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The Shadowstone.
“The Shadowstone.

Created during the First Era of Ire by the Essænce Lord, Empress Kadæna, the crystal came from the forbidding and enigmatic Lour’ka’tai (Pillar of the Gods) whilst the necklace was forged from the almost unworkable metal known as meteoric Star Iron. All told the total power output of six times six Stars, a billion stolen Souls and the blood of the Empresses own infant daughter went into the creation of the Shadowstone. Imbuing it with not only the desire to destroy, but to feed on the Souls of those beings so destroyed to provide the power for the cursed gems own dark and terrible powers…….

But, within the Lords of Essænce were those who opposed Kadæna, and her evil cohorts. Chief amongst these rebels was Kadæna’s own cousin: Ûtha, who led the group of warrior/philosophers known as the Duskwalkers. He charged his brethren with searching the Dimensions for a weapon which would allow it’s user to face the wearer of the all-powerful Shadowstone.

For centuries the Duskwalkers wandered the Dimensions, until finally, in one of the furthest Dimensions they discovered the archaic weapon called the Soulsword. They returned and delivered the Soulsword into their leaders hands.

Ûtha and the rebels were finally in a position to oppose the Imperial forces…

The rebellion was successful, but at great cost- Kulthea was laid waste as the followers of both Kadæna and Ûtha used whatever weapons were to hand on each other: Nuclear, Biological, Chemical and raw channels of pure Essænce. The landscape of the final battle between the two leaders was tortured; cut by rivers of flowing lava, the sky’s heavy with dust and debris; and haunted by monsters from other planes- the very fabric of reality having been riven asunder as the protagonists were finally reduced to using weapons of imagination and delusion, allowing Demonic entities easy access to the Shadow World.

The Shadowstone is believed by the Loremaster’s to have been destroyed during that final, cataclysmic, battle when Ûtha and Kadæna finally faced each other- at the end of the First Era of Ire. Ûtha slew the evil Kadæna with the Soulsword, the weapon protecting him from the powers of the unholy jewel. The Shadowstone and Kadæna were believed to have fallen into a river of molten lava.

Then Ûtha gathered the remaining Duskwalkers and created two mighty artefacts called the Eyes of Ûtha, which he placed at the two poles to control the wildly fluctuating Essænce and imprison the remaining Imperialists in the Eastern Hemisphere.

Ûtha’s final act, before his weary spirit left Kulthea forever, was to charge his son, Dænku, with command of the remaining Duskwalkers and give them the task of securing the last of the errant portals known as Shadow Gates and to protect the world from the threats of Demonic incursion and the remaining Imperialists.

For centuries the Duskwalkers battled Demons, Imperialists and closed the Shadow Gates, but at great cost. Many were killed, whilst others were swept into other dimensions- Dænku’s boyhood friend and chief lieutenant Ondoval being lost into the dreaded Outer Void- where his only ‘companions’ for thousands of years were the dancing points of light, that were the Souls of those who resided there.

Finally weary and alone, Dænku placed himself in Chronogenic suspension, to be awakened when the lands had healed themselves….

But legends have persisted that Kadænas’ body had been rescued by one of her minions, and is now preserved in Chronogenic suspension somewhere on Kulthea.

The legends and myths of Kadæna’s ‘survival’ have so far proved unfounded to the relief of the Loremasters.

However, the insane Essænce Lord Ondoval has managed to return from the Outer Void- his mind hopelessly damaged by 10,000 years of sensory deprivation. He now believes that to ‘protect’ Kulthea he must undo all of Ûtha’s works. He has ascertained that he needs to use the Shadowstone, to destroy the Eyes of Ûtha. To this end he has found and used the forbidden ‘Book of Gates’ and travelled the time-streams- back some 200,000 years- and finally recovered the Shadowstone.

Now, he is ready to continue with his diabolical plans to destroy the Eyes of Ûtha’. If he is successful, he will destroy not only all life on Kulthea- but probably the entire planet, itself.

Never before has the Unlife had such a willing and powerful servant…..”

Dænku has been awake for thousands of years now, travelling the lands in disguise and marvelling at how the various races have prospered- but the constant battling of the remaining evil legacies of the First Era or Ire, and the newer force of Evil, known only as the Unlife and its’ twisted and willing servants, has damaged his mind.

He slips in and out of sanity, with increasing regularity and is afraid that he will become totally insane, before the monumental task laid on him by his father can finally be completed.

He is aware of his old friends’ diabolical plans however, and desperately searches for the Soulsword. He is also aware, that he is no longer able to wield the weapon, so has been forced to make other plans for dealing with both the Shadowstone and its’ wielder….”

Gem from the Downloads section, scaled on various axes to make it oval shaped. Used the filter to select semi-random edges which were then fractured. Then used it again, to select different edges and fracture. Used the Filter to select semi random points, the Picked More and used the Reduce Points tools- did this a couple of times to try to make the Gem look as if it was made by an insane Jeweller. (Dunno if it worked though.)
Then used the Deform Tool to further distort the overall shape.
Messed up texturing the walls a little- as there was supposed to be ABFlagstones on the floor Subgroub, and a brush made from the OldBrick texture on the Wall Subgroup- but forgot to lock the Brush to the Wall Subgroup- oops!

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